Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology(Holding) Co.,Ltd, founded in 1984, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in high-end new components, electronic materials, electronic special-purpose equipment and other electronic information basic products. It was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996. It has become the largest scientific research, production and export base of new electronic components and electronic information basic products in China, and an internationally renowned big company in the industry of new electronic components with independent intellectual property rights and key technologies of core products.


In June 1984, Fenghua electronics factory was set up, with tape-recorder assembly as the main business at that time.

In August 1985, China was the first country to introduce from the United States the internationally leading production line and technology with an annual output of 100 million chip multilayer ceramic capacitors, which entered the field of high-tech industry at the right time.

In March 1994, Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology(Holding) Co.,Ltd was established with Zhaoqing Fenghua Electronics Factory as the main body.

In 1995, five subsidiaries were established to produce chip electronic components, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, lead capacitors, chip resistors and components supporting equipment. In December, zhaoqing Kehua Electronics Co., LTD, the first sino-foreign joint venture subsidiary, was established.

In August 1996, the company was identified as the national Torch Program key high-tech enterprises; In November, the Company listed 13.5 million A-shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

In June 1997, the National Engineering Technology Research Center for New Electronic Components was established. In August, it was identified as a national torch Program key high-tech enterprises.

In April 1998, Fenghua Technology Co., Ltd. successfully implemented the rights offering and capital construction of the second phase of the national "Double plus" project.

In March 1999, Hong Kong Fenghua company was established, the company in the process of international trade and a big step forward.

In April 2000, "Fenghua High-tech" issued 40 million A-shares and raised 1.1 billion yuan to invest in the construction of national large-scale chip components base and other major projects.

In 2002 on behalf of MLCC in today's world level of base metal nickel electrode chip capacitor form mass production ability, ultra small size chip capacitor, chip resistor, inductor, passed the certification of the manufacturers such as MOTOROLA, fully into the field of mobile communication market, the leading product series chip components, annual production capacity of more than 100 billion only.

In February 2004, Fenghua Group signed strategic cooperation agreement with South High-tech Company.

On March 29, 2006, fenghua Hi-tech Co., LTD. 's reform plan of non-tradable shares was successfully passed.

In April 2008, the 100% equity of Fenghua Group was transferred to Guangdong Guangsheng Asset Management Co., LTD. After the transfer, Guansheng will hold the controlling stake of Fenghua High-tech indirectly through the wholly-owned Fenghua Group.

In August 2012, through the wholly-owned company Fenghua Mining Investment Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and the Australian listed company Hawthorne Resources Co., LTD. (HAW), we signed the Share Subscription Agreement. Upon completion of subscription, become HAW's actual controller.

On April 24, 2015, Fenghua Technology Co., Ltd. acquired 100% of the equity of Naitech Soft Technology Electronics (Zhuhai) Co., LTD with 592 million yuan.

In July 2016, the company completed the tender offer for Taiwan Qiangjie Technology, becoming the first publicly offered offer for a listed company in Taiwan.


Fenghua Hi-tech Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned and established passive component supplier under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangdong Province. Since its establishment in 1984, the company has formed the industrial layout of eight major products, including MLCC, wafer resistor and FPC, through independent research and development and epitaxial merger and acquisition. According to IEK data, the company is the largest MLCC supplier in China.

Company through the branch, subsidiary, and share the company's overall architecture management separately for each business, related important company mainly include: guanhua branch (MLCC), the China branch) (SMD resistor, inductor branch (inductance), elegance and core electric (discrete device), zhaoqing (ferrite core) to recognize, zhuhai nai electric light jie (FPC) and Taiwan (chip resistor, etc.), etc.

The company's product lines are constantly enriched, and it has formed 8 series of new electronic materials, capacitor series, resistor series, inductor series, magnetic materials and devices, semiconductor sealing and testing devices, sensitive components and multi-layer soft and hard FPC.

According to the 2018 annual report, the company realized revenue of RMB 4,580,200,601.43 and chip capacitor revenue of RMB 1,704,619,334.45, accounting for 37.22%; Chip resistor realized revenue of RMB 1,057,140,321.90, accounting for 23.08%; FPC circuit board realized revenue of 728,792,206.26 yuan, accounting for 15.91%; Other main businesses realized revenue of RMB 1,012,337,070.28, accounting for 22.10%; Other businesses realized revenue of 77,311,668.54 yuan, accounting for 1.69%.

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